Posted by: Th | November 8, 2009

Public comment forms posted

The comment forms that were hand-delivered on Wednesday by San Francisco Bay and Delta Foundation (SFBDF) Chair Dave Dove to the USBR in Sacramento are now available online at this location.

The comment cards are supposed to become part of the public record for this project. However, so far the USBR has not posted any of the public comments on their site.


  1. I spent much of my youth enjoying the waters around Discovery Bay with my family. As an adult i have recently moved my family (wife and 7 ,yes, 7 children) to our new beautiful home in Discovery Bay. We saved for many years to finally realize our dream to share life on the water with our children. I travel 4 hours round trip to work so that I may come home to my kids living the life that I wanted for them so badly. The proposed gate will effect my home value so much that i will surely loose every penny I worked so hard to save for the down payment. Hundreds of my neighbors will loose their investment that until now was relatively safe due to our homes proximity to the delta waters. Unable to refinance their devalued properties will force many to default. A stagnant pool with very limited access to the open waters is not the American dream I worked for! Can it even be healthy for us to continue living here? Hasn’t the Contra Costa County suffered enough during this housing crisis? There must be a better solution.

  2. […] deadline with the USBR got extended by two weeks until November 30th (a small victory, and a direct result of your comment submissions), one of the many links I got on that is the Delta E-news letter from the Department of Water […]

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