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Hi all…
just got off a conference call with other organizations who have been thru this process before in the Delta. They said we ARE shaking up the Bureau of Reclamation and they did not anticipate such strong response. Dave Dove delivered the flyers to Sacramento today and one of the engineers – turned his badge around so it could not be seen…and clearly he was blown away by the bulk of responses. The office was very thankful that we did not fax!!!

So gang – let’s keep up the good work!!! It was suggested that we put the words “Please notify me of your decision by email and mail” Then each persons Comment must be addressed by the Bureau if they have a solution .

We will be able to use these forms for the Corps of Engineers – however, the Corp said they must have a comment – not just a “extend the project” or “I hate the project”. We need to use a reason why the project is a violation of our Health, Safety, Navigation, Environment and Economy. Our leadership team is in the final stages of developing a white paper which will zero in on the reasons, the Bureau’s proposal and the adverse effects to our community. This document will become the basis of our push for Public Relations in the community, with other Yacht Clubs, with news media, and other agencies.

Meanwhile we need your help in getting signed comment sheets – between the leadership team – we will deliver our comments to Sacramento weekly. We are keeping copies of all comment forms to submit to our Congressman, our files and to submit to the Corps of Engineers. If someone says they already filled out a comment – they can comment again but with a different comment.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO ASSIST NANCY & EVERETT WALTROUS IN GETTING THE WORD OUT. Please email Nancy at or call her at 516-1119 or 383-8502.

Karen J. Mann
Vice Chair
“SFBDF” Save the San Francisco Bay & Delta Foundation

3 Responses to “Schedule for flyers”

  1. 1 Mike Guzzardo November 4, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Official Contact Point for SFBDF “Save the San Francisco Bay and Delta Foundation” is Mike Guzzardo – Media Relations 925.864.5757 or

  2. 2 Mike Ganem November 25, 2009 at 8:10 am


  3. 3 Robert Bay November 27, 2009 at 9:22 am

    Trying to save the Delta Smelt is something the State and water agencies are using to fool us, I think so mates.
    They say the Delta Smelt swims in a thousand miles of waterways to find these pumps, Bunk.
    Bottom line,it’s the salinity, the same thing that is effecting Salmon, Stripers, Steelhead, Sturgeon,etc etc. They must lay their eggs in pristine fresh water. Not only lay their eggs in this water but must also grow to a size and strength to make the trip and cycle for those fish that return to the sea.
    What does this mean? It means fresh water has to be consistent, not just for the spawning, but during their growth to get strong enough to make the cycle,these eggs are being deposited but are not making it to the strong juvenile status to endure the stronger salinity as they head towards the sea.

    They are already pulling to much fresh water from this estuary, a canal would complety wipe out all fresh water fish, just look at the salmon alone…..

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