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The Delta as a Place

About the Delta - Intro

The Delta is 1,000 miles of scenic waterways, twists and turns that take the explorer from quaint historic cities, through channels lined with trees and tules, past large tankers moving up the main channel to Stockton, and fishermen catching bass in the small sloughs. The Delta is enjoyed by recreational boaters out for a day of waterski and wakeboard fun and by boaters anchoring out, surrounded by calm water, and enjoying the sunsets with Mount Diablo in the distance. There are many facets to the Delta:

The California WaterFix/Tunnels Project would

  • Destroy the remaining salmon runs (More …)
  • Scar many of the nine Historic Legacy Towns of the North Delta
  • Destroy farming in the Delta (by salt water intrusion)
  • Wipe out South Delta boating:
    • Wipe out South Delta water ski/wakeboarding sloughs (More …)
    • Block Connection Slough and impact Middle River
    • Destroy the peaceful Mildred Island Anchorage (More …)
    • Make South Delta waterways salty, polluted, stagnant
    • Encourage invasive weeds and toxic blue-green algae
  • Cause economic ruin for Delta communities

One of their plans would even wall up the South Delta, blocking boats from the South Delta to the rest of the Delta and beyond!

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What is the Delta Crisis

BDCP Meeting
The Tunnel Threat

STCDA is a non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to maintaining a healthy Delta for fish, farmers, communities, and boating & recreation. Go to the Take Action Tab for more information about what you can do to save the Delta.

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